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At On Demand Services, we want to be your go-to local excavation contractor for residential and commercial needs! Our skilled team provides various services, including land clearing, subdivision development, and so much more!

We serve the following parts of OR: Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, McMinnville, and Tigard, and we also service Vancouver, WA. If you’re in one of those areas and need excavation expertise, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Our Excavation Business Services

We are proud to offer our customers a long list of services that cover a wide range of excavation needs! We are experienced in the following services:

Utilities Design/Preparation:

We can plan out the design and prepare areas for utilities to be placed in the ground.


In addition to digging the trenches, we can also install the utilities, which means you won’t have to contact several companies to do the job.

Public Works (Sewer/Storm/Water):

Our highly trained excavation staff can dig up sewer lines, water lines, and storm drains to diagnose and fix leaks, clogs, or other issues

Stormwater Facility Construction

To ensure rainwater travels in a specific direction, away from homes and businesses, we utilize stormwater facilities, which include ditches and pipes.

Trenching Services:

This process involves using construction equipment to dig a narrow trench along the ground for utility installation.

Vac-Truck Vacuum Services:

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive way to flush out sewers or dig up the ground. Some trucks use high-powered water to break up dirt and debris, whereas others use a vacuum component.

Grading and Site Preparation:

Land grading is a process in which we reshape the ground to ensure it’s safe and stable for construction.

Demolition of Structures:

Dismantling a home, building, or other structure is a dangerous process that requires excavation expertise. We can demolish any structure safely and dispose of the waste.

Material Delivery and Removal:

We bring all the materials we need to complete the excavation process and remove anything we don’t use or any waste we create.

Water Service Installation:

Our skilled excavating team can help you get water supplies to your home or business by digging the trench and determining which pipe type and size would make the best water solution.

Power Conduit Installation:

A PGE-certified installer from our staff can install tubing that protects electrical wires from the elements.

Sewer Service Installation:

We can dig up your sewer line to install new lines or repair issues.

Communication Line Installation:

We can run lines for the internet, phones, or other communication purposes.

Backflow Services:

If you don’t have a water backflow preventer, the backflow can contaminate or pollute clean lines. We can help with backflow issues!


Pipe bursting is a process in which old pipes are pulled from the ground using a bursting tool. It can be used to remove old, worn, or damaged gas, water, or sewer lines.

Directional Drilling:

This process comes in handy when our staff needs to drill in an area where there are obstacles in the way. It is a trenchless way of installing pipe or cable.

Sewer Scopes:

Using a specialized video camera that’s connected to a flexible cable, our talented team can inspect sewer lines for problems.

Why Our Excavating Company Delivers Superior Service

When you choose On Demand Services, you are choosing a company that has skilled, trained professionals ready and willing to assist you! By working with us, you can expect the following perks:

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  • Honest Pricing

  • Safety First Mentality

  • Free Estimates

  • Experience

  • Outstanding Customer Service

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